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Banana Nendran - 3 pcs

    • ₹55

    • ₹57

Banana Nendran - 3 pcs

    • ₹55

    • ₹57

Nendran Banana, also famously known as Changalikodan is originated and is widely cultivated in the Thrissur district of Kerala. Along with its nutrition, being rich in Potassium and Energy content it also has a sweet and soft texture. During the Onam season, bunches of Nendran banana are given as auspicious gifts to relatives and friends and offered in temples.

What makes Nendran Banana special?


-Rich in Vitamin B6

-Rich in Vitamin C

-Good source of Fiber and Potassium


- Banana Nendran both ripe and unripe has a much lesser GI (Glycemic Index) as compared to a ripe banana, which helps maintain blood sugar levels.

- This banana is high in protein & also aids in the prevention of diabetes.

- The presence of fiber helps in maintaining and regulating blood pressure further improving heart health.

- Nendran Bananas aids in digestion and prevent gastric issues contributing to a healthy gut.

Best way to consume:

-Nendran bananas are famous in the preparation of banana chips, crisps, fritters, halwas, and more.

Country Of Origin:  India
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