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Avocado Avanza (Imported) - 1 Pc (250+ gms)

    • ₹459

    • ₹477

Avocado Avanza (Imported) - 1 Pc (250+ gms)

    • ₹459

    • ₹477

Avocados from Avanza are perfectly combined with their creamy buttery flavour and nutritional value. Especially New Zealand grown, Avanza avocados are considered a superfood because of their high fibre content, healthy fats, and other nutrient-dense properties. Avocados become one's health greatest friend due to its anticancer capabilities and healthy oil content and also contain 20% more folate making it Heart-Friendly. 

What makes Avocado Avanza a superfood?

Avocados are smooth and creamy fruits with a unique nutrition profile. They are rich in antioxidants. They contain vitamin K, vitamin A, carotene, essential amino acids, copper, potassium, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and phytosterols. Avocado is a weight-loss-friendly fruit and is helpful in osteoarthritis. It reduces cancer risk.


- Rich in Vitamin B6 - 40% of RDA

- Rich in Vitamin K - 36% of RDA

- Dietary fiber - 13.5 g

Best way to consume:

- Enjoy it simply seasoned with salt and pepper, on a crisp toast or in a tasty guacamole

Country Of Origin:  New Zealand
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